My Favourite Teacher Essay. An Essay on My Favourite Teacher

My Favourite Teacher Essay
My Favourite Teacher Essay

In this post we will talk about on our Favourite Teacher like his qualities, personalites, teaching sense, and so on. This is an Essay on My Favourite Teacher, my favourite teacher paragraph, my favourite teacher essay with headings, my favourite teacher essay 10 lines, 500 words essay on my favourite teacher, 10 lines on my favourite teacher in english, describe your favourite teacher, my favourite teacher essay in english,an essay on my favourite teacher, an essay on my favourite teacher, essay my favourite teacher,english essay my favourite teacher. 

10 lines on My Favourite Teacher in English 

My Favourite Teacher Essay 10 lines, These are the Best Lines for your Favourite Teacher:-

  • Mr/Mrs ….. is my favourite teacher mine as well as of all the understudies. 
  • He has a genuine concern for his understudies and takes care of even their personal issues paying the charges of understudies if that was required or visiting an ailing father of an understudy in the hospital. 
  • As a teacher, he knows his subject well and taught with great attention and clarity. 
  • More than that the way he explained the troublesome subjects in such a clear way, which made him such a regarded teacher. 
  • It was all that regard for him which made understudies so attentive and disciplined. 
  • No issue of discipline in his class. 
  • At the farewell party on his retirement, the Principal praised the qualities of his head and heart 
  • Students hurried to contact his feet to get his blessings. 
  • Mr/Mrs …… himself was loaded with emotion on this last day of his at the school which he presented with brimming with dedication. 
  • That was Mr/Mrs ….. who else can be more favourite a teacher than him. 

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500 words Essay on My Favourite Teacher 

My favourite Teacher Essay:- A teacher is one who instills in the learner an inspiration to learn and to be acceptable. With this message. I am an understudy of 10 class in a private school which is a notable school in this city. It is a rumored school with more than 1,500 understudies. There are about 45 teachers of staff in our school.

Mr/Mrs ….. is my favourite teacher .He is our Hindi teacher. He is a M.A. in Hindi. I love him, regard him and like him best. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his affection, convincing force, high personality and admirable teaching strategy.

He is our companion, logician and guide. He watches loyalty and severity as well as combines in him various different qualities. He is invested with scholarship, love for teaching, capacity to create interest in his subject, inherent earnestness to see his students really educated and improved in character.

He carries out his responsibilities completely without fear of favor and carefully authorizes the guidelines of study and conduct. For all this he is loathed at first by some understudy. Be that as it may, soon they change their opinion about him and they become determined, attentive and regular in doing the task assigned by him. 

Mr/Mrs ….. has many temperances of an ideal man with a high feeling of humanity. So he has easily earned the genuine love and admiration of all correct thinking young men. He and his understudies are bound much by the ties of the same relation as between a father and his sons. He teaches as well as tends them. That is to say, he is a coach, a father and a companion to his understudies. He takes loving care of his understudies in all matters of importance.

As for example, he cares for their education, encourages them in trouble, fives them his edifying association and always keeps them of the correct track, if a kid is backward in his class, he makes certain to find support from Mr/Mrs ….., if any helpless kid cannot accepting a book, he will no uncertainty get a book from Mr/Mrs …… Many a night he spends by the wiped out bed of ailing understudies living in the lodging.

He checks and changes an understudy. He never hesitates to get money to support a penniless kid. Be that as it may, he loathes individuals talking about his charities. 

His strategy for teaching is easy and clear. He has a strong, clear and pleasant voice. Everyday he teaches us in another style. He can make any grammatical issue easy. He realizes well how to increase the interest of the understudies.

In his class he creates an unadulterated Hindi environment as we travel past at the hour of 80’s – 90’s . We never fail to understand any grammatical issue in his class. On the off chance that any understudy can not understand he turns out to be well disposed to him and makes him understand that. 

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Personality of My Teacher 

Mr/Mrs ….. is about 30 years of age, tall, smart and has an intense look. He/She also knows Indoor Games Expert. He puts stock in high thinking and straightforward living and consequently, always wears basic garments and looks so calm. His manners are pleasing and preferred by all. 

He has masters or postgraduate degrees in Hindi. Also, he is calm and yet exacting in discipline. The best part of him is that he doesn’t have faith in physical discipline. I have never observed him giving any kind of discipline to anyone. Rather disciplined is maintained pleasantly in his class. He has some positive influence on us. 

He has immaculate command Hindi. His insight into Indian Hindi literature is awesome. His pronunciation is great, accurate and extremely clear. I feel fortunate to be his understudy and so different understudies also feel the same. He views us as his own sons and takes a great deal of interest in solving our school and personal issues. 

He is also the principal advisor of our school drama club and also prepares understudies for English debate and elocution contests. Under his guidance, many understudies have won various prizes and trophies in such competitions. We have become multiple times consecutive champions in debate under his guidance. He is an asset to the school and understudy network. 

For what reason would he say he is My Favourite Teacher? 

My Favourite Teacher Essay
My Favourite Teacher Essay

His/Her voice makes it a magnificent encounter to have Hindi lessons from him. It feels that we are in that era of Hindi. It resembles watching a video while listening to him. He has also traveled at a great deal of libraries and makes great utilization of them as an example to make teaching and learning viable and memorable. 

His talks are interesting, educative and loaded with literary references. He is not kidding and calm and yet he is a man with a great comical inclination. Indeed, even a few teachers feel jealous of him and his popularity among understudies. 

My Favourite Teacher Qualites 

He frequently reveals to us that honesty and a heart-to-heart talk is the most ideal way to reinforce a relationship. Now and then I fail to hand in my schoolwork on schedule, however he is happy when I come clean with him – as it were, I have to be honest with him. He doesn’t set an excessive number of rules and allows understudies to think for themselves. He is a generally excellent person and teacher and that’s the reason he is my best teacher. 

Hindi wakes up in his class. At the point when he takes classes there is absolute quiet in class and everyone focusses on the subject that he examines. He has the capability to draw out attention to the subject and also to sustain it. 

Also, he shows us various historical recordings and pictures from the internet in the class and describes them hence making it a lot easier for us to understand what he teaches. He doesn’t simply read from the book however gives us a concrete image of everything, with the goal that we see them before us. 

A teacher is an important person in everyone’s life. She brings great education and lays the foundation for good habits. For understudies, a teacher is the one who influences their character, habits, career, and education throughout everyday life. I have a teacher in my life who was important to me. She is a sweet person who is kind and loving to all understudies.

She isn’t only jovial and kind but at the same time is string at whatever point required. She is knowledgeable and knows a great deal about the subject. She also knows so many news and facts on the planet with the goal that she discloses to every one of us those current affairs to improve our general information. 


She has taught us so many things in the classroom. I have learnt to be disciplined and punctual for the class. She used to give us so many ventures, which helped us improve our subject information. She utilizes easy and appropriate ways to teach us beneficial things. She also gives us practical activities and moral lessons during the classroom.

She manages us through our troublesome occasions and encourages when we are down. We appreciate attending her class. She also directs us during various school competitions and tells us our real talents. I am exceptionally grateful for having such a teacher in my life. 

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